Designer of interior designs for houses, companies and organizations

Modern Ziba Arya Company with trademark of Karadus has started its operations aiming at improving design and implementation level according to architecture principles.

This company has skilled and experienced employees and two factors producing wooden design requirements, so it is ready to design for residential, commercial, cultural, recreational and therapeutic places with nice and humanly spaces.

Some of our previous designs and experiences are as follows: interior deigns of Atiye, Baghiyatolllah, Shahid Rajaei, Madaran, Ansar Bank in different provinces and therapeutic centers in Tehran, and for different drugstores and offices and personal houses.

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Key capabilities

Offering specialized, hospital and therapeutic interior designs for companies and project management, creating complicated decorative forms and having skilled teams for rebuilding houses and companies.

In general, we can offer any things with any volumes if it is wooden, MDF or colorful glasses to beautify pillars, walls and cabinets and more.

How did Karadus establish?

As a kid, when I saw a broken closet or a wooden thing, I always loved to have all of them so that I could create what was in my mind. As a teenager, I wanted to make money like my big brother through launching my favorite business. My parents knew this so they always encouraged me into this. My work became more serious when I created a crane with wood and metal in secondary school. This crane could lift some things from the ground. I participated in a competition, offered my thing, and won.

Once my teacher asked us to write about our future work, I wrote that I wanted to become a carpenter. I would create wooden small things. My father created a small workshop for me and bought me some carpentry things. All my friends and relatives loved my things and would give me their small tasks to do them. One day, my uncle who worked for a international company, gave me a maquette for a pier and asked me to make it right. After doing this, he could take many orders from his company.

It was so good. After that, I started to create wooden maquettes for myself. My maquettes became more and more so I started thinking about selling them. My first big sale was done in Nasir Abad truck-holders Company for 50,000 tomans. I was so happy about it. I continued my work and could sell many more maquettes. Therefore, I had a good source of income in my high school. I was a student in Shahid Beheshti high school in Tehran. After that, I became a student in major of wood and paper in Shahid Raajei University. Before graduation, I launched a workshop with my brother so that I could design my products according to the needs of the market.

Now, 18 years have passed and my brother and I still have it. We could be loyal to our customers through offering various and customized products and projects for years.




Company objectives

Launching a new branch in Canada, Karadus Company aims at obtaining modern technology to offering better services for customers.


Our Activity

Designing interior decorations, rebuilding of therapeutic centers, shops and houses. Implementing various kinds of cabinets, drawers, closet, libraries, false ceiling, floor covering, desks, files, conferences desk, flowerboxes and more.